Therapy Experience

A phone consultation is preferred before we meet to make sure that what you need is in my area of expertise. There are some issues that are best treated by an expert, (i.e., eating disorders, phobias, self injury behaviors, substance abuse).   

My therapy approach is mixed. I like to take a formal approach to assess your history, symptoms, and overall functioning. Initially I take a strong lead for several sessions to pinpoint clinically relevant areas to treat and explore. I believe setting a treatment plan creates focus and direction.  The following sessions will follow your lead.

My role is to go on a journey with you and explore thoughts/feelings that you experience. My role is not to tell you what to do or give advice unless of course your life is in danger then I will tell you what to do. I will give suggestions but it is always your decision whether or not to try something new. Your role is to think about your life and act on it. It is your life and I can never truly feel and experience what you do on a daily basis. But I can be with you so you are not alone. Your role is to be an active participant.   

Therapy takes effort, practice, and commitment. At times the therapy process is not pleasant and you will not leave a session feeling particularly happy. It is a process because you are pulling apart some layers, thinking about your life, and trying to change. Changing your way of functioning is not easy and it takes time and practice and support. I will support you and be with you as you make decisions and manage the effects of those decisions. Changing your life with support around you can feel empowering, which is an important part of personal growth. Coming in for sessions is one step in taking charge of your life.    I look forward to hearing about your life and most importantly look forward to you achieving the life you want. It is possible!!!!!